So imagine Apple’s iPhone of the future

Although the iPhone X meant a significant change for Apple, who decided to go for a new design and features that still to this day are criticized by some of its users, the reality is that the company knows that if you do not change and adapt to the new trends, then their phones will lose much of the importance and hegemony that succeeded for many years.

For this reason, Apple is thinking of new technologies and changes to the iPhone, and that is according to a report in Bloomberg, the company was raised to delete the port lightning on the iPhone X, and it was not exactly to change the USB-C, but to eliminate the charging port completely to exclusively use the technology of wireless charging.

Obviously that’s not what happened because the wireless charging still is not fast enough and good as to replace the charger of electric current, which also has the facility to be transported to where it is without any problem.

However, Apple could implement this decision in a couple of years, particularly to 2020, which is when you have to use a charge port is standardised and authorized by the European Union, which will surely be the USB-C.

How Goodbye Lightning?, it seems that the iPhone will already have a USB-C

For this reason, the company could bet on only using the wireless charging for the iPhone of 2020. Likewise, it is said that the technology for gestures will take more prominence, and this same model also won’t have buttons to the sides.

This type of technology we have already seen in other phones like the HTC or the Google Pixel, which if you squeeze them on the sides of the phone then you can run some applications, so that the buttons power, volume and lock might be replaced by this type of technology, or, by some type of gesture.

Took them a long time to see this iPhone futuristic, but if anything has become clear in the mobile sector, is that the design and characteristics change dramatically from one moment to another.

Do you think that the iPhone of 2020 will no longer have charging port and physical buttons?

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