So are the notch Samsung

Today the south Korean company has shown in their event to developers, some interesting things that are not just software, so it is, we talk about the new flexible screen known as Infinity Flex Display, however, the company has shown another thing that may be interesting to many and bad news for others, as the company has several models of new screens with notch.

Yes, although Samsung along with HTC are the only firms in Android that are resistant to the notch, this might change in 2019, but the brand seems to have at least 3 different models of notch.

The image shown was obtained from one of the conferences of the Developer Conference in San Francisco of the brand, and where clearly we see 3 new notch.

Infinity, U, Infinity, O, Infinity-V and the New Infinity are the 4 models that you see in the image, and 3 of them have a notch.

Both the model U and V are similar to the notch of drop that use brands such as OnePlus or Huawei, however, the Infinity, Or has a notch similar to that of the ASUS Zenfone 6, which is in the right area of the screen.

Bixby in Spanish, games in the Cloud, flexible screens and all that presented Samsung in San Francisco

With regard to the model New Infinity, we can see that there is no notch, so it could be the famous screen with the sensors below it, one of the things that Samsung plans to officially launch in 2020.

For the moment there is no confirmation from Samsung on these three models of screens with notch, but not to deny that there is a probability that the first phones with a notch of the company to arrive over the next year. and Partners.

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