So people live in the arctic circle, where time moves at your own pace

The image of the arctic circle is consolidated in the minds of many people. This place is harsh and dangerous, is covered by a thick layer of snow, the people who live there is little, is desperate and they are friends with the bears. But, what actually happens there, in the area of permafrost? you will how the people live, where they have recorded temperatures below −50 ° C, a thickness of 3 feet of snow, complete darkness, and the mysterious aurora borealis.

The life of the people depends very much on the weather

In the north, there is the concept of “day-active”, when it is forbidden to go out due to frost or strong wind. Basic education: children in the 1st up to the 5th grade do not go to school when the temperature is -45 °C or lower; from the 1st to the 9th grade, -48 °С or less; from the 1st to the 11th grade, to -51 °С or less. As you can see, the morning each student starts with listening to the radio: announcement of the “day-active”. Students studying in any climate, and people working working. All these disadvantages are not felt with much force, because the air is dry and moving through the streets is quite normal, the main thing is to dress well. The worst airports are: supermarket shelves can be completely empty if “the airport is working through a climate-factual”, which means in the language northern that “the weather does not permit flying, we expect a provisioning”.

Where do you get the food?

Located in the extreme north, all the food is of import, so that the prices of the products are very high unlike in other regions. In fruits and vegetables, the increase is simply unimaginable. But there are good local products: milk, bread, meat, and fish. Hunters and fishermen are the people who do not allow the people in the north die of hunger. They are not dependent on airports. If the products do not arrive by the heaven, because the airports are closed, the inhabitants quickly turn to all the local products. By the way, there is a dish with simple and colorful called stroganina, prepared with salt and fish. It takes a big frozen fish, cut it in slices raw exceedingly fine and eat it, by immersing it in salt. You have to do it fast before it melts.

When the winter came, the night comes

During the polar nights there is no sense to look out the window: could not determine the time of day. That is why it is always recommended to carry a watch. The sun comes out for a couple of hours in the day and very weakly attempts to shine through the mist, all the rest of the time there is darkness. But this darkness in the streets is not scary: all around there are a lot of white snow which reflected the lamps. It is certainly very romantic, but in general, it is best to look at this beauty from the warm home.

And then come the days polar

Even the famous white nights in some nordic countries never will be able to compare the white nights at the polar circle, where the sun never goes. You can only sleep with the curtains tightly closed or blindfolded. By the way, in summer, people become more active and communicative. Children can walk quietly in the street at 2 or 3 in the morning, families gather with their young children in strollers. And all because it was a sunny day and make use of it!

In the north, people enjoy long holidays. Sometimes up to 4 months

The inhabitants of the arctic circle have a number of benefits in comparison with the inhabitants of many countries of the world. For example, increases in salary, double on holidays: a minimum of two months of the year. However, out of the north end is a big problem. Access to other parts of the continent is only possible by plane. The flight tickets are a headache. To head towards the desired destination, you must first fly to a big city and plan as the route from there. That’s why, in the north are allowed to accumulate their vacation days. Many take a vacation every 2 or 3 years and miss work for 4 or 6 months. Forget about work during that time is something very necessary. After all, there are only 10 days of vacation to the sea and back to the office.

The best fun of spring-summer is going to see the thaw

The ice can begin to break off from the spring, but in some cases, you’ll have to wait for the summer. Then, you can go to the river and admire how the huge blocks of ice break off and float. In addition, on some occasions, are preserved enormous icebergs on the shore of which you can get an excellent picture of summer.

All the northerners dream of going to the continent

But what exactly is this mysterious continent? That wonder the inhabitants of this place over the rest of the planet, which is on the other side of the polar circle. Almost all of them dream to go to the continent, but, for some reason, they often delay the moment of their departure. There are those who decide, but the nostalgia of his homeland and the time spent in the north will pursue the rest of your life.

The summer is somewhat unpredictable

If in the morning you went to work with a sweater, maybe in the afternoon you will need a lightweight shirt. The morning of June may begin at +7 ° C and reach +27 ° C during the day, returning to +7 ºC by the afternoon. That’s why the warmth of summer is a garment absolutely normal. In summer you can get snowed in. And if the ice has not managed to melt until those dates, is something quite normal. By the way, sometimes, in the summer it’s so hot that people quietly go to the beach, they call him to the edge of a frozen river. As they say northerners, you can swim while it has not been frozen.

Here there are no trees

Here there are no trees like to those who are accustomed the people of the south. Some plants can adapt to the conditions of the permafrost. There are birch trees dwarf and willow trees cover the land like a carpet. There are also shrubs, many of them even with berries, and there is tundra.

And the nature here is amazing

The sports of winter-blooming

What better place to ski, skate, ride snowmobiles and go fishing winter and the arctic circle? This is a gym and a place for an active holiday, created by the same nature.

The north really does have its brightness

A car in the snow

As they say northerners, you can park your car easily in front of your house, it is hard to find it later. If the temperature is below -40°, or -45 ° C, the motors do not turn off: the cars are kept turned on and in standby. The remedy is a garage with heating, but this luxury not all have. If a driver is not prepared your car for the winter and it breaks down at middle of the road, then you will need to make a fire with the seats of your car and eating snow. It’s a joke. Other drivers stopped to help. The capacity of response of the men of the north is not a stereotype, but a habit in order to survive in such conditions.

However, how do you walk around the city?

The public transport in the north is sufficient, but for everyday life it is better to choose a car with huge tires: the roads may be covered by a large layer of snow.

There are days when, due to the fog and blizzard, not seen anything around

But when it clears, in front of your eyes opens the mysterious beauty of the north, the land of eternal permafrost. Is it possible to fall in love with this landscape so severe, but at the same time charming?

Bonus: a firsthand account

Do you like to travel to this corner of the planet? Or, better yet, would live there? Write your opinion in the comments.

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