ASMR: orgasms in the brain that are breaking YouTube

If you haven’t experienced ASMR, you can try with the more than 13 millions of videos that exist on YouTube. These include since people whispering to the camera, fingers knocking gently different surfaces with nails, cut, colored sand, licking ears, plastic and other situations that result in images or sounds oddly pleasant.

What is ASMR?

The sensory response meridiana autonomous, or ASMR, for its acronym in English (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), is described as a tingling in the brain that causes feelings of relaxation, calm and well-being, and is triggered by visual stimuli or auditory.

These applications help you to sleep better

It is a bit complicated to try to describe this feeling, but it is something similar to what you feel when someone plays with your hair or caresses your face, start at the back of the head and can go up to your arms and legs. In the case of the ASMR happens when you listen to someone chew ice, or see that they are cut a soap into tiny perfect squares. It’s a cerebral orgasm.

ASMR in YouTube

2016 to date, searches of videos with this content have tripled and with it the offer of hypnotic channels. The clips can last from 15 to 60 minutes and most are made by women, are intimate but not necessarily sexual. Many people flock to them as a way of therapy, to decompress or even to sleep better.

To achieve this, they use microphones binaural beats that are what help to create feelings in three dimensions. The production can last for hours and is required of all type of accessories, such as brushes, combs, glass containers, and get the sounds more diverse.


If you already felt something of curiosity for the subject, the best way to understand it is to experience. We’ll leave you a list of the ASMRtists in Spanish with more views on YouTube.

This is Ana Múñoz, the youtuber of ASMR in Spanish most popular.

Hermetic Kitten shows you how you can experience ASMR with objects outside of the ordinary, such as stationery and school supplies.

She is The, although it is Italian makes videos of ASMR in Spanish. Try to see this before sleeping.

This video of ASMR with Sasha is designed for the people who say never having experienced this sensation. Do you already got? and Partners.

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