Note: we have created a ranking of the 20 types of people more irritating

There are certain types of people that are annoying to almost everyone.

In collect opinions of users of the Internet, and we discovered some categories. In general, all of these people are the so-called vampire energy and it may be worthwhile to remove them from your life.


20. The people too happy

Why a person would bother at all is something completely incomprehensible. However, the internet users agree that people who are always active and cheerful cause that you want to give them a blow to the head.

19. Lovers use bad words

Are those people who replaced the words according to the fashion, as, for example, “conclusive” instead of “last”.

  • Lovers of the suffixes diminutives: “manzanita”, “paletita”, “little man”, “holi/ holita”.
  • Lovers of foreign words: “location”, “inspiration”, “fix”, “use”, among others.

18. Fascist grammar

At the other end we have people who feel more than others for their superiority grammar. In general, ignoring the meaning of what is written, these “linguists” are converted into a reptile angry just by looking “aber” instead of “have”.

17. Pseudo-elite

Are those supposed to be better than the other. Their main task is to be rude and show lack of respect to the lowest people (all of them) of the society, to crow of its own superiority and walk around with an expression on the face of be sniffing feces all the time.

16. Teens who “know it all in this life”

Are the girls of the type “I am 15 years old and I am a real infamous, to me nobody can change”, and the boys of 13 years of the type “The true man has to survive the betrayal of his beloved wife.”

15. Online expert

A person who goes from being a joker to a doctor then a physical atomic, a specialist in criminal affairs or an expert in cinema. Often found in the comments of the social networks. Usually, express a point of view extremely negative, calling it “critical”.

14. A man of theatre

These people can be described like so: “with Me, any company blossoms as a girl when you fall in love with her.” If at the same time that person is loud, and too emotional, it can be considered a bastion of hypocrisy and vanity.

13. People who complain constantly

Tend to constantly complain and never do anything. The reason for the success of others is only by their links, the money of their relatives, and the luck eventually. They are the scapegoats, as if it would receive the shock of all successful people.

12. The kings of drama

All the events of life are dramatized too much, because in everything they see signs and symbols fatal. Describe a simple fall in the street with the drama of a war.

11. Losers that teach how to live

One teacher with a single teaching courses how to have a successful marriage, a business coach of the unemployed, a preacher who may not believe in God: all these people are united by love to give lessons on how to live properly and inability to use their own knowledge.

10. Philosophers of Instagram

Are the people who uploaded the photos of his butt or torso to Instagram accompanied with arguments about a difficult life or a quote from Julio Cortázar.

9. Fans exaggerated

They can be fanatics of any thing: a subculture, a religion or a movement. A distinctive feature is that, if only you ask them the time or the weather, will begin to force you to enter in your faith.

8. The people who live in compliance with the rules

Are the people who do not have their own point of view, but an average life. Married at the age of 23, parents the 25 and observant of rules as “no tattoos or piercings”. If its known veer from these unspoken rules, subjected to contempt and criticism. Because it shouldn’t be like that!

7. Lovers of abandonment

A person of this type likes to scatter promises on all parties to ensure their attendance, but when it comes to business, seems to be dissolved in the air. You have the ability to lose in a jiffy access to your phone when you are wondering the reason for your absence.

6. The lovers talk about their faults

There the kind of people that purposely talk about their shortcomings non-existent. It is clear that they hope that you change your mind.

5. People too friendly

Are those that by the second minute you tutean, the second encounter will speak with diminutives, and the third, usually because you are his brother or sister.

4. Doctorates in the field of tedium

In the first place, always fixed everything. Second, always emphasize his knowledge in the conversation. Thirdly, always add facts unnecessary and uninteresting to the conversation.

3. Virtuosos of the offense

These people have found a very effective way to always have the reason: to become the offended. So we remain the martyrs in any situation.

2. Servers of the negativity

They always have it all wrong. They are depressed by romantic relationships or your job. In case you’re all well, feel that something bad is going to happen, because life can not be perfect.

1. People with the single point-of-view, real

Oh, these are the best participants in the discussions! Always have the single point of view true and indisputable. They may hit their heads against the roof or cut your veins just to prove something, but never, ever, ever give you the reason.

Therefore, on this point conclusive comes “the end of” our article 🙂

Do you think we forgot someone in our ranking? Please share your opinion with us in the comments!

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