Attention! The games of the PlayStation Classic mini will come only in English

The news of the launch of the iconic console-mini, caused great excitement in the gamers, but that feeling this lowering of intensity right now with the fact that the games of the PlayStation Classic mini English only.

This situation has been released by several media outlets that have already had access to the experience of the PlayStation mini, which ensures that each and every one of the games will be in English though there are
some that were dubbed in Spanish.

In this way, Europe, north America and Latin america, which are the main markets of Sony, you’ll see that Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII, to mention only a few, skip the dubbing.

While this fact is shocking, especially for those players that were accustomed to dialogs and frames in the Spanish language, you should know that it doesn’t diminish the quality experience to the gamer, because really it is the same stories with the same scenarios and characters.

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Based on this, people can continue to enjoy the 20 games that brings including the PlayStation Classic mini, which you must know are the only ones that can have, because you can’t read external drives, nor can you expand the catalog.

Despite these situations, the lovers of the iconic console, Sony can feel it back that excitement you had when you were younger. and Partners.

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