Tuned because once again tested the Seismic Alert, you say how and when

Little less than a month after the first edition of the evidence for the Seismic Alert, the Center of Command, Control, Computing, Communications, and Citizen Contact (C5) of the City of Mexico announced that it will conduct a new round of tests and called on the population of the capital to be careful not to confuse the sound of these trials with an actual activation of the system.

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According to the report of our colleagues from Chilango, tests will be conducted this Monday, September 3 at 12:00 hours we will hear again that little voice that repeats: “audio test 1, 2, 3” as part of the repairs that are being done to the speakers that emit the seismic alert.

The C5 has knowledge of that 757 speakers do not work due to obsolescence, also made a call to people to that, in case of detecting any failure in the speaker system, report them to your phone LOCATEL 56581111 or the Twitter accounts @C5_CDMX and @locatel_mx.

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Remember, this is the sound that will be issued by the speakers of the system of the Seismic Alert in Mexico City so don’t confuse it.

However in these days yes we will listen to the seismic alert, this during the mega mock of the 19 September which was scheduled to be held at 13:14 on that day, however, the Secretariat of Civil Protection is analyzing the possibility to implement it at another time, this in order to keep a minute of silence in memory of those who lost their lives during the quake.

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