AT&T and Movistar obtained the concession to exploit network 5G in Mexico

The subsidiaries in our country of AT&T and Telefónica Movistar won the tender for the frequency of 120 MHz in the band of 2.5 GHz for their use, utilization and commercial exploitation, the same that serves to operate the network 5G, so reported the Reuters news agency.

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The Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT), reported that the mexican State would receive 44 thousand 400 million pesos over the next 20 years, which are made up of two thousand 100 million pesos for the concept of the bids submitted in the Procedure for the Submission of Offers (PPO).

As well as 42 thousand 300 million pesos for the concept of rights for use of the spectrum, which shall be paid annually, in accordance with the Federal Law of Rights in force.

AT&T will pay 80 MHz of spectrum that won the Monday in Mexico in the band of 2.5 GHz with money obtained by the sale of 31 data centers and also the sale of licenses in the band of 600 MHz in the united States.

According to the IFT, the spectrum assigned in this tender, the users may have mobile broadband services with higher speed and better quality, in addition there will be new investment in the sector and greater coverage throughout the country, as well as the possibility of deployment of technology 5G.

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“The allocation of all the blocks available in this tender is a reflection of the continued confidence of the operators on the telecommunications market in Mexico”, stated the IFT in a press release. “With the allocation of the radio spectrum of this tender, the market of mobile telecommunications in Mexico not only have more resources for the provision of better services, but that it achieves a better distribution of tenure spectral in our country and, with this, better conditions of competition in that market”, added the dependency.

One of the obligations of the winners of the tender is to provide services in at least 200 of ls 557 populations of between 1,000 and 5,000 inhabitant that still do not have mobile service and cover at least 10 of the 13 metropolitan areas in the country with over a million inhabitants. and Partners.

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