Audio player Winamp comes back with new version

The well-known audio player Winamp comes back. The current owner of the software says to update to a new version, next year should appear.

The new version differs according to the maker not off too much from the earlier versions, the well-known compact media player, but get a number of new features. So is it possible to both podcasts, music and streaming services to use.

Winamp is since 2014 in the hands of the Belgian company Radionomy. The company has in the last few years will still be some updates for Winamp released, in which a number of bugs were fixed, but the interface has not been changed.

New opportunities

To go along with the time offers Winamp support for streaming services, but it will, as always, of course, still just mp3 files and other audio formats playback. Those who do not know how the original version looked like, the version here download.


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