Car-umbrella loads also smartphone on

Has your car all day in the sun been and you still need to drive? Make your chest but wet, it’s like an oven in there. Unless you auto-umbrella of Lanmodo on your roof.

The so-called Wireless Automatic Car Tent folds out within seconds, after you press the button of the associated remote control has been pressed.

This is specifically meant for parked cars, you can’t drive. Unless you want to take off. In case of hard wind, you can the umbrella with the supplied hooks extra secure fastening.

Go Go gadget umbrella!

Lanmodo also sells a standard, which allows the umbrella to umbrella is to turn. This is a usb port, so that a smartphone can charge. You would think this works on solar power, but that is not the case.

This roof-gadget must agree in 45 days to be charged for the uitvouwmechanisme. The manufacturer sells the umbrella in different sizes, so that it is in the most sooten cars fits.

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