Automatically secure passwords create in Chrome

Chrome version 69 is out and besides a refreshed appearance, the browser is still a surprise to offer, namely a built-in password manager. So you don’t have more secure passwords is to think and to remember. It works as follows.

When you click on sites a new account, Chrome you now the option to create a password for you to generate. This consists of a series of digits, lowercase and uppercase letters, all mixed up.

The browser stores this password then and it is synchronized with all devices on which you use Chrome in combination with your Google account. For example, think of your smartphone.

A drawback is that the passwords are not replicated in other browsers or apps. Suppose you make in Chrome a Netflix account with a so-called “suggested password”, then you will need to manually enter in the Netflix app on your mobile.

If you want a smoother on each other perfectly, consider an umbrella password manager such as LastPass or 1Password.

Proposed use passwords in Chrome

To make use of this feature, it is important that you are in the settings of Chrome Sync enabled – Passwords specifically.

This Is already the case, go to the site where you wish to have an account. Then, when you register on the password field, you will see the option Proposed using a password . See also the image at the top of this article. Click on it and you’re done.

Saved passwords find

You don’t have the password not therefore more to remember, but maybe you have the later still even necessary. You can find this if you go to chrome://settings/passwords . Here you see a list of saved passwords. Click the eye icon to the password.

Here you will find more useful tips for Chrome.

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