Avengers 4 could last more than 3 hours, reveal brothers Russo

If you thought that the culmination of the multiverse film Marvel would not be special, at least that duration is concerned, could be the most extensive ever made by the exitosísima series film. And is apparently the production of Avengers 4 are having problems to edit the material and until now it lasts more than 3 hours.

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This was revealed, one of the brethren director of the tape, Joe Russo, during a question and answer session with fans from its account of Instagram. “The duration of ‘Avengers 4’ is currently in three hours, so we’ll see if that holds true, but is in three hours at this time”, explained the filmmaker. This is general we seem to be good news because when it comes to good action, you better go on and not missing.

“I would say that it could easily be a movie of three hours. But I think that, you know, we are very hard on the material. We like to play at a certain pace. I am sure that they will press it,” added Joe. “I think it will be longer than the Avengers 3,” added Anthony Russo for their part, the other brother who directs Avengers 4.

And speaking of Avengers 4, Marvel activated a countdown in his besieged official that indicates the exact date of the world premiere of the film, if you want to give up.

As it is, that is the duration of the next film of Marvel Films, the bet is basically safe, considering that Avengers: Infinity War required a budget of 400 million dollars, but managed to pass the superlative line of 2,000 million dollars of box office takings. The third installment of the avengers had a duration of two hours and 40 minutes.

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