We find out the salary of 13 presidents and surprised us with both the smallest amount as the largest

The salary of the other always causes us curiosity; however, even the old classmates or friends nearby to us are not in a hurry to share their numbers. But the salary of the presidents and prime ministers is not a secret. Isn’t it good to know that Donald Trump earns less in a year than you earn in a day? Who charges more than the leaders of Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Russia and Australia together?

Great.guru tells you what wages have the leaders of different countries.

13. Donald Trump, president of the united States

1 dolar per year

Donald Trump refused a salary as president 400 thousand dollars per year (33 thousand dollars per month, 1095 dollars per day), saying that he was going to earn just 1 dollar for each year of work, because they can’t charge less for law. The fortune of the current president is of 3 billion dollars, so that you can afford to work without remuneration. Herbert Hoover and John Kennedy before him worked without charge to the salary.

The wage monthly minimum in the united States is 1160 dollars.

12. Petró Poroshenko, president of Ukraine

12 220 dollars per year

The Ukrainian president earns 12 220 dollars per year (1018 dollars per month, 33 dollars per day). According to the classification of Forbes, Petró Poroshenko occupies the 6th place among the richest people of that country, with a fortune of 1.3 billion dollars.

The minimum monthly salary in Ukraine is 133 dollars.

11. Xi Jinping, president of the people’s Republic of China

20 500 dollars per year

Xi Jinping earns a modest amount of 20 593 dollars per year (1716 dollars per month, 56 dollars per day). So keep in mind that in 2015 his salary increased by 62%! The president himself, his wife and their daughter does not have business, but the fortune of their closest relatives is estimated at 376 million dollars.

The minimum wage in China is 150 to 300 dollars per month and depends on each province.

10. Sauli Niinistö, president of Finland

146 700 dollars per year

The president of one of the most prosperous countries in the world, newly re-elected for a second term, receiving 146 700 dollars per year (12 225 dollars per month, or 402 dollars per day).

The minimum monthly salary in Finland is not fixed by the state, and, according to several sources, is approximately 2000 dollars.

9. Vladimir Putin, president of Russia

151 000 dollars per year

Vladimir Putin earns annually 151 032 dollars (equivalent to 12 586 dollars per month or 414 dollars per day).

The minimum monthly salary in Russia is 140 dollars.

8. Theresa May, the prime Minister of the United Kingdom

198 500 dollars per year

Theresa May manages the country with rudeness and earn 198 509 dollars per year (16 542 dollars per month, or 544 us dollars per day). He is also a lover passionate of shoes, it has a large collection and keeps it in some transparent boxes, in order not to lose time looking for the footwear necessary.

The minimum monthly salary in United Kingdom is 1569 usd.

7. Emmanuell Macron, the President of France

211 500 dollars per year

The salary of Emmanuel Macron, the youngest president in the history of France, is of 211 530 dollars (17 628 dollars per month, or 580 dollars per day). Before becoming a politician, made a rapid career in the banking sector, for which he received the nickname “the Mozart of finance”: your commission was more than 1 million dollars per year.

The monthly minimum wage in France is 1758 dollars.

6. Jimmy Morales, President of Guatemala

232 000 dollars per year

The former comedian president of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales, is the head of state highest-paid of the countries of Latin America. His salary is 231 000 usd per year (19 to 300 dollars per month, 634 dollars per day). After having taken office, he fulfilled his promise pre-election giving half of their income to charity, and donated 60% of the first salary to help the needy.

The monthly minimum wage in Guatemala is approximately 200 dollars.

5. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany

263 000 dollars per year

The salary of Angela Merkel is 263 000 dollars per year (22 000 dollars per month, 720 dollars per day). She refused an apartment officer, and lives with her husband in a common building and a current of 5 floors in the center of Berlin.

The monthly minimum wage in Germany is 1780 dollars.

4. Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada

267 000 dollars per year

The gain of the canadian prime minister is 267 415 dollars per year (22 285 dollars per month, 733 dollars per day). Last year, however, he went on vacation to the Bahamas at the expense of his friend, a millionaire, the prince Karim Aga Khan, which caused a political scandal and the suspicion that the Aga Khan, through the prime minister, is trying to influence the political situation in Canada. Trudeau apologized and promised to be more attentive.

The monthly minimum wage in Canada depends on the province, but on average is 1400 dollars.

3. Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia

403 700 dollars per year

The australian prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull wins 403 745 dollars per year (33 645 dollars per month, 1106 dollars per day). Unlike Donald Trump, not refused his salary, even if it is a multi-millionaire. He was a banker and businessman.

The monthly minimum wage in Australia is 1900 dollars.

2. Doris Leuthard, President of the Swiss Confederation

437 000 dollars per year

The office of the president in Switzerland is formal: it is chosen from among the ministers for a year. The salary of Doris Leuthard, who holds the presidential office for the second time, is the same that the rest of the ministers, 437 000 dollars per year (36 000 dollars per month, 1200 dollars a day).

The minimum wage in Switzerland is not established by law, and only in the canton of Neuchâtel is 20 dollars per hour.

1. Lee Hsien Loong, prime minister of Singapore

2.2 million dollars per year

Lee Hsien Loong inherited the position of first minister of his father, Lee Kuan Yew. During his government, the country’s economy has developed quickly and continues with the same policy of acting of its predecessor. His salary is the highest of all world leaders: 2.2 million dollars per year (147 000 dollars per month, 7350 dollars per day), and the prime minister himself considers it “just and realistic”. Spent a total of 53 million dollars a year in salaries for 31 people who run the country.

The salary of Lee Hsien Loong was even higher, but due to the public unrest, was reduced by 36%. But even now the Prime Minister earns more than the leaders of Canada, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Russia and Australia together.

The minimum monthly wage in Singapore is not established by law and, according to unofficial data, is about 1000 dollars per month.

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