AVG: are you ready for new privacy law?

The new General data Protection Regulation (AVG) might sound like a complex far-from-my-bed-show. Yet it is worth it to yourself to delve deeper into the new privacy law, if your personal data of others manages. Otherwise there is a threat of fines.

Free Download of AVG Roadmap

Well, enough of questions. And fortunately we have the answers for you! Computer Idea, Computer!Total, PCM, and Tips&Tricks have, in cooperation with internetjurist Arnoud Engelfriet the AVG under the microscope. In 14 steps we will explain how your organization ready for the upcoming privacy law. Download below free the AVG Manual. You will receive the download link automatically in your mailbox.

What is the AVG?

The last time you hear it again and more often in the news: your personal data is once again abused by one or another leak by an online service. Often did you know not even that certain data to these parties which were stored. What not to think of all those privacy-terms and conditions that you wegklikt, but that companies simply consent to use your data to sell.

Often, it is also not clear why data are being collected and where it ultimately ends. All in all it was quite a time for new legislation in this area, the digitisation expands, after all, continues to rise. At the European level is also the General data Protection Regulation invented, a law, on 25 may starts.

Also for small organizations and associations

You’re probably wondering: very good. You will be now better protected against the huge datadrang of large corporations as Facebook and Google. They risk farmers millions of euros, if they do not comply with the rules. However, these rules also apply to ordinary citizens. For example, in a society sit and information for members to keep. What should you know about the AVG?

‘Personal data’ is a broad concept. The first question you should ask yourself, what data the precíes. The EU makes a distinction between personal information that is obvious (name and address, for example), and sensitive information such as social security numbers or notes about a person’s health. That last category, you can not just possession.

So far it sounds pretty logical. But it can quickly become complicated. Because which party is responsible as soon as your data housed in a cloud-based? And what are the rules on sending newsletters to your customers or members? What should you do in the case of a datalek and what should be in a so-called ‘verwerkingsregister’, what you’re required to keep?

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