Drinking coffee seems to help live more time

Recently, there have appeared several studies that laud the benefits of drinking coffee. Generally, it is accepted that this drink has positive effects if it is consumed in moderate amounts, but be advised that it can be detrimental if you abuse your consumption. But, now, a major study conducted in the Uk and whose results have been published in JAMA Internal Medicine, reveals that coffee consumption can help you live more, even when taking eight cups per day.

The authors of the study worked with more than half a million volunteers over ten years, divided into groups according to their daily consumption of coffee. And what they observed is that there seemed to be a link between drinking coffee and longevity. That is to say, those who drank it lived longer that those that did not. In fact, the study also revealed that it was best to drink eight cups a day —it is supposed that these small espresso— not to take any.

The novelty of this study, apart from the high number of volunteers that made up the sample, was that it took into account the genetic variations of each one of them in the metabolism of caffeine. That is to say, why are there people that can sleep without problems after taking two cups, and why others will remove the dream. But even so, there were no differences between both groups. Belonged to the that come, the volunteers who drank coffee seemed to be the most long-lived.

The study has its limitations, since it is observational, and does not allow therefore to establish categorically the existence of a cause and an effect. But their results are very interesting and, since then, will be to the liking of those who tend to be overlooked (as is the case of who this firm) with the number of coffees a day.

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