‘Fame smart household increases, interest decreases’

A smart household, smart home, the internet-of-things: how you want to call it, the concept is always known. But that also means that there is always more interest in? Just the opposite, according to new research.

In a smart household are all sorts of electronic devices connected to each other via the internet. So you can operate via your smartphone at a distance your lights or your thermostat, or set these devices to automatically interact with each other.

Meanwhile, 60 per cent of the Dutch population familiar with the idea, reports research company GfK. This is an increase compared to 2017, when it had 51 percent of the people there even heard of it.

Costs and ensure

The opvallener is that the respondents correctly indicate there is less need to have in their own home. Stood in 2017 yet 59 percent of the Dutch are positive about a house full of home automation, now that number has dropped to 49 percent.

The biggest barrier appears to be the cost, often replacing smart devices older equipment that may still very well flash and runs. Also concerns about privacy and hacking come into play.


Who shows up in a smart household willingness to invest, especially because of the convenience and the environmental friendliness. A third says especially interested in the use of equipment from the outside.

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