Belgian police Cryakl-ransomware harmless

Who is affected by the Cryakl-ransomware, can now regain access to their files without having to pay ransom. That is due in particular to the Belgian authorities and antivirusfirma Kaspersky.

The Belgian Federal Computer Crime Unit managed together with Kaspersky in to the decryptiesleutels to scam, that is required for encrypted files to unlock. On the site No More Ransom is therefore now a cinch to download, that contamination can cause the virus with retention of files you can delete.

Companies the hare

No More Ransom was in 2016 in the life called and now offers assistance to 52 different types of ransomware. Although this form of malware on the wane it seems, remains the team katusha. According to Kaskersky, cyber criminals have not so much more on any pc-users coined, as well as large companies. They can in fact do much more damage.

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