Pay with ring or bracelet: ABN Amro trial

ABN Amro will start shortly a trial which allows customers to effect payments using a wearable. Who in it has an interest, to January 22, to register.

At login you can choose from a ring, a bracelet, a watch or a keychain. All are equipped with a chip which is contactless payment. 500 customers between February and march, such a wearable offered. The trial lasts until June, after which the bank user reviews and feedback asking.

Contactless payment

Further, the same rules apply as for contactless payment with your debit card. So there can be a maximum of 25 euro per time to be settled, up to ten times per day. You can pay at any atm with support for contactless payment. In case of loss or theft can the wearable itself online be blocked. The gadget will not be mailed, but you need time to pick up.

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