Visit new Dutch locations within Street View

With Street View you can walk on Google Maps through the digital streets of the Netherlands. In addition, there are more and more locations that you can view, including since today, eight new.

Among the offerings is something for everyone to find. Three universities (Groningen, Amsterdam and Eindhoven university of technology), Rotterdam Central station, Eindhoven Airport, museum of photography FOAM, Burgers’ Zoo and Carré theatre are now to visit without you there in front of the door.

You can change the locations of close by looking them up on Google Maps and the well-known yellow male to the place of destination, to drag. In this way, the o.a. previously the Palace ‘Noordeinde’ and The ‘Efteling’ in the map.

New images

Google reports that from april, new photos of our country are made. The Street View cars to drive around for images to shoot for Maps that are completely up-to-date.

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