Bill Gates presents a novel toilet that works without water

The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, presented in Beijing your bet to tackle the global crisis in sanitation: a toilet that requires no water or connect to any system for the debugging to work, and that transforms human waste into fertilizer.

The multi-millionaire showed this new model to the public in an exhibition held in Beijing to showcase the latest technological advances of sanitation to “reinvent the toilet” and accelerate its adoption and commercialisation.

“This exhibition presents for the first time, technologies and products of sanitation, decentralized, radically new and ready to be marketed,” noted Gates in a statement released by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

In this context, the founder of Microsoft presented its proposal of a toilet, the use of which can be made universally thanks to that you do not need to connect to any sanitation system, requires no water and transforms the human stool in fertilizers.

Some of these toilets are already being tested in the south african town of Durban, where they also are putting in place other models that are powered by solar energy, said Gates in a video broadcast on his official Twitter account.

The rapid expansion of these new products and sanitation systems that do not need to connect to any network could drastically reduce the number of deaths and the impact of the lack of hygiene in the health of the population in the poorest countries, he added.

Gates showed during the presentation a jar full of stool to explain that human waste can cause illnesses such as diarrhoea or cholera, which are already causing close to 500,000 deaths of children under the age of five years every year across the world, due to diseases resulting from this lack of hygiene.

In addition, he added, more than 200,000 million us dollars (over 175,000 million euros) is lost annually due to health costs and the low productivity caused by the lack of adequate sanitation.

He also participated in the exhibition, the president of the World Bank (WB), Jim Yong Kim, who highlighted that sanitation is a priority for your organization, which will partner with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to bring health facilities to secure to all parts of the world.

“The systems that can be extended quickly and can provide safe sanitation and sustainable communities are fundamental to the quality of life and the development of human capital, “said the leader of the world bank, quoted in the press release.

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, which has invested more than us $ 200 million (175 million euros) from 2011 to reinvent the toilet, promised during the meeting to invest another 200 million to achieve this.

According to the latest data from the UN, 60% of the world’s population does not have access to adequate sanitation and almost 900 million people on the planet are forced to defecate in the open by not having access to a toilet.

The 19th November is celebrated the World Day of the Toilet, with the aim to raise awareness about the global crisis of sanitation and to promote measures to resolve it, according to what is established in the Objectives of Sustainable Development, that have as its horizon the year 2030.

For its part, the chinese authorities launched in 2015 the so-called “revolution of the toilets” to improve the facilities of these public services and improve the quality of life of the citizens, because some houses are more traditional do not have toilets of their own, so that the public baths are essential for the population.

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