Blog With HN: Facebook Insanity Continues

Blog With HN: Facebook Insanity Continues
1 point by Dowwie 4 minutes ago | hide | past | web | favorite | discuss
While scrolling through my Facebook feed, I saw an article titled something about Israel injecting African immigrants with birth control, without their consent. My first impulse was that of shock– “my god, what are people doing?!”. Fortunately, that feeling was immediately followed by one of “Aha! You almost got me there. This is fake and offensive. How the hell did it get on my page?”. I looked at the source and didn’t recognize it, but at some point I had liked the publisher. I flagged the post as best I could and un-liked the publisher.

What I’ve learned from this is that Facebook, despite having the resources available to make change, hasn’t. Further, this experience confirms that despite my limited use of Facebook, and trying to be careful about expressing my interests there, it knows me enough about me to trigger exactly what is intended. Last, I need to be more conservative about what I “like”, especially when token positive articles serve as bait for a series of more damaging, fake ones such as the one I just experienced.

I don’t mind cleaning up mess on my feed if I know that Facebook is being proactive about improving its condition. I’d like to see that they are, though.

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