Bluetooth devices run faster on Windows 10 link

Microsoft is making Windows 10 easier to bluetooth devices to pair. Who is the newest test version of the operating system runs, one can try out.

Who for example wants to connect to a wireless mouse, do so through several menus to click. Will recognize Windows 10 bluetooth gadgets automatically, as soon as this is in pairing mode. There is a message on the pc appears, where you then are all still on ‘connect’ does not have to click.

Perhaps the new feature by default, not just with each wireless device, but the manufacturer has the option of self mounting. According to Microsoft, the Surface Precision Mouse is the first mouse that offers this possibility.

New for Insiders

The new Insider build of Windows 10 brings more with it. So is the gamebalk re-decorated, there are new privacy tools for hands, and there are more settings available for hdr-video. All these functions come until later this year to regular Windows users, in the next major update for the OS.

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