Bluetooth speaker vs Speakers WiFi, what is the master of the sound?

Listening to music is one of the favorite activities of many users, because today it is easy to bring our music to all sides in our smartphone, but by the time I get home, it is best to enjoy all this music on a speaker or the speaker, as they are much easier to transport, install and use in comparison with a stereo.

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And currently it is common to find two types of speakers, including Bluetooth technology and WiFi. But what are the advantages of one or the other?, what’s in it for me?, what are cheapest? Well, here we tell you all the details between one and another.

Connect or pair your device

Let’s start with the most basic thing, and that is if we don’t connect a device to the speaker simply not be able to play our music. In the case of the Bluetooth speaker must first pair the device, and if the speaker does not have NFC, the process will be more time consuming, but it will be more than a few minutes.

On the other hand, with a horn WiFi we will just have to connect the speaker to our router like any other device, and ready, the horn will be on all the time, so it will not be necessary you are turning on and off. With just press the play button in the app installed in the phone or the button that includes the speaker, you can listen to the song where it left off your playlist. That means that you don’t even need to have phone in hand to be able to enjoy your music, so the process is much easier with this technology.

Another of the common problems with the Bluetooth speaker is that possibly the device may need to mate constantly, which can be frustrating for users.

Control your music from anywhere in your home

Once we can listen to music it is normal that we are moving from one side to the other, but be careful, because in the case of the Bluetooth speaker, we will not take our phone very far away, because they have a limited range, and some objects or materials can cause failure in the reproduction of the music, so it is best to leave the phone on the side of the horn to avoid problems.

Otherwise to the speakers WiFi, you can control the music from any part of the house, the only thing that we need is to have WiFi coverage, so it is not necessary to be near the speaker to have a connection and high-quality sound, in addition to that we can answer our messages , calls or any type of notification without problem; it is more, if you want to listen to any video from Youtube or Facebook, you’ll be able to listen to it on the phone’s speaker without altering the audio that is playing over the speakers. (Tends to happen is that you send a video by whatsapp or you want to listen to something that you see on social networks and when connected to a speaker bluetooth cuts off the transmission of music, but with a WiFi does not).

Careful with the notifications from the phone

Perhaps the Achilles heel of the Bluetooth speaker is that absolutely everything that happens on the phone is transmitted to the loudspeaker so that the sounds of the notifications, and incoming calls are heard in the loudspeaker so that the music stops for you to answer your call, so that in case you want privacy you’ll have to make an adjustment on your phone so that the sound does not go direct to the horn on each call.

Fortunately, this is not a problem of the speakers WiFi, because with them you can answer calls, or do other things with your phone that require sound without the music to stop, or alter the playback.

The sound is more pure and with less compression

It is true that with the latest generation of Bluetooth, you can connect up to two speakers or headphones to the same phone, however, you will hear the same song; unlike what happens with some speakers Wifi, with which you will be able to listen to different songs on different speakers using the same music service for streaming.

It is also a fact that with speakers WiFi we can enjoy a sound quality that is much more high due to the transmission channel of data is much more extensive. Definitely this influences also the music service that you have hired and the configuration of audio compression you’ve set.

Take your music everywhere

Despite the fact that the speakers WiFi have many advantages in comparison with the Bluetooth speaker, these have a very important advantage, and that is that we can bring the speakers to all sides, that is to say, to the beach, to the countryside or to another home, pretty much wherever we want, thanks to its built-in battery.

And is that the speakers WiFi, need strategy connected to a router to work, otherwise we can not use them, in addition, many models on the market can not be used if you are not connected to the electric current, an element that we must take into account.

What is the most economical option?

Bluetooth speaker and WiFi there are many types, colors and prices, and although there are some models of Bluetooth speaker apparently more economic in comparison with the WiFi technology, the sound quality, components, durability, and possibilities that you offer-in speakers WiFi give much more value to your investment compared with the Bluetooth.

And even with all these advantages, it is also possible to find models WiFi great quality at competitive prices.

Conclusion: what is better?

In general terms, the speakers WiFi are much better, they win in almost all aspects such as power, quality and use, although the bluetooth are easier to carry to the other side, however, if we had to recommend one, I advise you to bet on a with WiFi technology.

What speaker WiFi I buy it?

Well, since you’re sure that the speakers WiFi are a better option in comparison with the Bluetooth speaker, we can choose several models available in the market, but if you’re looking for an option that stands out for its power, quality, design and above all have an excellent relationship price/benefit in addition to compatibility with operating systems and with the increased amount of services to streaming music, the best choice are the speakers the Sonos.

One of our favorite is the Sonos One, one of the most interesting options of the brand, and offered a sound surprisingly intense and immersive. Another advantage of the speakers Sonos is that you can connect them wirelessly with other speakers in order to have still more power, or even distribute them throughout the house so that the music sounds in every corner of our home.

We have to mention particularly that the Sonos One account with permanent update of the software, which allows it to withstand any music service, and later the communication in Spanish with Alexa (virtual assistant) plus include a touch panel on the top. Thanks to these constant updates, the useful life of this product as the great family Sonos will be several years.

By the way, we learn that in a matter of weeks will also feature the possibility of use of Apple’s AirPlay.

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