Bordalo II: the artist who turns trash into stunning works of urban art

Currently, the urban art has turned to be a fashion thanks to the creation of incredibly original of many young artists. One of them is the boy known as Bordalo II, lisbon, which transforms the garbage and waste in sculptures of animals. Do you want to see what things is capable of doing? I read on!

In we have compiled for you information of this clever boy, in addition to photographs of their best works.

The artist: Bordalo II

This artist Portuguese 31-year-old, converts waste materials into true works of urban art. Her mantra is that “the trash of one is a treasure to another”, which is called quite the attention due to their belonging to a generation of consumerist, materialist, and that generates large amount of waste daily. However, their ecologically and socially conscious leads him to take out the trash, giving this a new creative life, and at the same time, making a social criticism.

The idea that their creations represent always animals is due to the overproduction of waste is impacting negatively on the habitat of the majority of them even ending their lives.

His works

1. Fish

2. Jellyfish

3. Raccoon

4. Seal

5. Rabbit

6. Parrot

7. Wolf maned wolf

8. Bears

9. Unicorn

10. Salamander

11. Elephant

12. Mono

13. Turtle

14. Gallo

15. Dragonfly

16. A seal more

17. Rabbit

18. Bear

What do you think of this form of recycling through art? What work you enjoy the most?

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