Brain gets Dutch torrentsite from the air

Brein again an illegal download site off the air again, this time the Dutch Place2Home. Visitors of this site could only torrents to download after creating an account, it was a so-called ‘privacte tracker’.

That writes techsite Tweakers today. Brein has reached settlement with the person behind the site, although not known to whom it goes and how high the settlement amount is.

On Place2Home were o.a. torrents of movies, series and games among the members shared. Who this site still visit, read a message from Foundation Brain about the infringement of copyrights. There is also a reference to the sites and, search engines for legal media has to offer.

The well-known old

Brein had the torrentsite already longer in sight. Thus, at the end of last year some Dutch torrent-uploaders addressed, as Libra Release Team hundreds of films (with English subtitles) spread. They did that under other on Place2Home.

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