Good news: we now have more time to avoid the climate catastrophe

The bad thing of warning about a catastrophe, and give a relatively short period of time as a maximum limit to avoid it is that it may happen that a deadline and nothing will happen. The last report of the IPCC, the group of experts of the UN on climate change, is dedicated to assess the consequences that the average global temperature exceeds 1.5 ° C of pre-industrial times, and gives a term of twelve years to reduce the CO2 emissions enough to prevent the disasters that he predicts. We have until the year 2030. The problem is that it is not the first time that offer this kind of deadlines.

Now we no longer have only two years but twelve, which certainly should be treated as a great news if we really take it seriously. And is that the climate has obstinate in disobeying these harbingers of doom: the temperatures have remained reasonably flat, and, above all, under the most optimistic scenarios of the climate models. And is that up until now we have always been unable to predict with success the temperatures for the future, and the new IPCC report has even provided new climate models, but has an employee who had already shown that they are not used to its theoretical function of providing future scenarios credible.

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