Buffy, vampire slayer will be a reboot with a protagonist of african american

At present, the spin-off and reboot from tape or series are to be a success among the public, so it is not unlikely that some producers and/or directors choose to make them and play a little with the nostalgia of the audience.

This is said by the recent news that was released, where it is confirmed that Buffy, the vampire slayer will return to television, but in the form of a reboot, which means that it will not have the same actors or the same history as such, so that changes in the cast and script are indisputable.

These modifications will be held at Monica Breen, a television producer and screenwriter who has worked on series like Agents of SHIELDS, Alias and Lost, who is in charge of re-purposing the work of the original that so many people fell in love.

To perform some transactions, Breen will have the help of Joss Whedon, which in addition to helping write the new script, will serve as executive producer, so you will be in charge of the big decisions that are made in the series.

This reboot will also have the support of Gail Berman, Joe Earley, Fran Kazui and Kaz Kuzui, important people within the history of the vampire slayer, because it was they who produced the film and series of Buffy, so that they know exactly what it is about this whole issue.

In this way it is like the Joss Whedon, his team and 20th Century Fox will opt for a fresh start that is willing to draw the attention of thousands of fans who were hoping one day to see Buffy back.

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By the time you do not have great information about the plot or the context, but what has been circulating in the media is that the iconic character, who ever was in the skin of Sarah Michelle Gellar, now may be played by a black woman, which still has no name or surname, because he has not decided who will be the actress that gives life.

With this fact, you can see reflected the way in which the company chooses by values such as inclusion and diversity, which have slowly been manifesting itself in Hollywood.

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