Bumblebee is now a ‘vocho’ in the first trailer for his own spin-off

The spin-offs are out of fashion and the Transformers could not let pass the opportunity of having one. That is why, months ago they announced that Bumblebee, the lovable robot moved, it would have its own film and today is finally presumed the first advance.

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Interestingly, this film will be the first of the last era of Transformers that will not be directed by Michael Bay, but rookie Travis Knight, a renowned animator whose work can be seen in such films as Coraline, ParaNorman and BoxTrolls, among others; this will be his first film with real action. The protagonist is the beautiful Hailee Steinfeld together with the professional wrestler John Cena.

The house in charge of the film is Paramount Pictures and the plot picks up the now half-spent argument you take home a car without knowing that it’s a Transformer, all in the warm atmosphere of a small town beach in California. The film is scheduled for release on December 21 in Latin america.

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