Change the horror of humor with the memes of this #Viernes13

Friday the 13th is the date kabbalistic par excellence. For decades we’ve linked with bad luck and in recent dates, thanks to the franchise’s horror film Friday the 13th with bloody Jason Vorhees.

The Dog Bermudez brings out the “newbie” on Twitter, and the memes are glorious

No one knows with certainty where it is born to this belief, but one of the events that triggered the fear for this day it happened on Friday October 13, 1307. On that date, king Philip IV of France ordered the arrest of the knights templar that were brought before the Inquisition.

But as there ceases to be Friday and it is always a better idea to have a good time, the better you’ll report that on Twitter the people are taking great advantage of the situation with memes and tweets worthy of pasting screaming, but laughing.

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