Change the IP address of your Android device in 4 steps

When you browse the internet through networks unknown run many risks, because these are sites of which you are not sure if they are reliable or if they will do something shady with the data entered in them.

So in this situation you should do everything possible to take care of the information, even the hide or change the IP of the cell, in this case the Android.

This way you can surf anonymously and without that someone outside can know where the person in question and what it is that you’re looking for in the network.

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In addition, the change of IP address will cause the crooks to not be able to give personal data so fast and that the download of some apps this permitted without the ad appears “The application is not available in your country or region”.

According to this, it is as you will learn about the four steps needed to change the direction of a smartphone with Android operating system.

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How to change the IP address of your Android

When it comes to IP addresses (Internet Protocol/Internet Protocol), the vast majority of the devices the
has dynamics, which means that they are temporary and can be changed with the passage of time without
there is a problem.

-Go to the Settings on your smartphone and locates the section of Wifi and tap and hold the network to which it is connected at that time, in this case the network is called uc

-Soon will appear a few options and we will select Modify network, when this will be out another menu from which you must choose the title of advanced Options

-While you are here you must change the option of Static that will show the IP settings and the IP Address field

-Now we just have to change the IP address, subnet mask, gateway and DNS servers to use and Partners.

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