Carnegie Mellon announces revolutionary bachelor’s degree in Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a topic almost everyday, and it is clear that today increasingly need to be specialists in the subject. For this reason, the University Carnegie Mellon has decided to launch a bachelor’s degree in the subject, where students will be able to deepen the knowledge of how to transform large amounts of data into decisions and actions.

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The new degree in AI is the first thing that is offered in a university in the united States, in response to the demand that there is so much for students as professionals in the subject, which will be able to have a preparation more systematic in the IA. “The specialists in AI have never been as important as now, and we have a few,” said Andrew Moore, dean of the School of Computer Science of the said university. “Carnegie Mellon has a degree without parallel in the experts of IA, making us uniquely qualified to these needs graduates who understand the power that the AI can give them to help people.” In fact, U. S. News and World Report put it at Carnegie Mellon as the first graduate school in AI in the united States.

This new degree teaches students to think more broadly about the methods that can be used to perform a wide variety of tasks in many disciplines, ” said Reid Simmons, a researcher in robotics and computer science, where he is now the new director of the new bachelor’s degree in IA.

The studies will focus on how the complex inputs: vision, language, and large databases, are used to make decisions or improve human capabilities. Slab students will receive an approach to solid computer and math courses as you would for other degrees in science. In addition, they will have additional courses in topics of AI such as statistics and probability, computational models, machine learning, and symbolic computation.

It should be noted that the program strongly emphasizes on ethics and social responsibility. This will include opportunities for independent study using the AI to social actions, such as improving transportation, health or education. Students accepted into this program will be able to access the same from the second year (the first, presumably be matters of common trunk). All students must take the courses of first year regardless of the area in which they seek to specialize.

The courses of IA and associated disciplines such as machine learning, natural language, computer vision, robotics and human-computer interaction, will be held at the department of machine learning from the University, the Institute of technologies and languages, the Institute for Robotic and at the Research Institute of Software. The social implications of AI will be taught in the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences, among other institutions and schools of the university.

“This is an opportunity for us to model what we mean with a bachelor’s degree program in IA, that is something that is the opposite courses dealing with the AI”, say officials of Carnegie Mellon, where the new program will use the same academic rigor that has made the university a gold standard in computer science.

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