CBS: “Hack-attacks are rarely reported and punished’

Victims of cybercrime do in three quarters of cases not reported to the police, according to a new report from the Central Bureau for Statistics. And of the 2300 reported cases of hacking did the police not even 5 percent of the cases.

The figures are taken from the Cybersecuritymonitor 2018. It is striking that there is a hacking area more often mention is made of infringement to websites and profiles on social media than on e-mail accounts.

Under cybercrime attack in addition to hacking further identity fraud, sale and purchase verkoopfraude and cyber-bullying. 11 percent of the Dutch came in 2017 with one of these cyberdelicten in touch.

That there is no declaration is made to the police, does not mean that victims did not have to call draw. Particularly with identity theft, it often occurs that this is the correct report to the bank, because bank accounts are immediately at risk.


In the period 2009-2016, this kind of things happen more often right than between the years 2001-2008. There are 285 cybercrime cases handled so that a culprit is detected. Usually they get community service or a fine imposed.

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