Chat, the evolution of instant messaging from Google

Google and instant messaging apps it seems that there are a combination of success, and is that despite being able and development team that has Google, the company has tried for several years to enter fully into the market of instant messaging with an application that can stand up to WhatsApp and Telegram, but has not tenidoéxito.

The last on the list was Google Allo, a very complete application, but has not finished to explode in popularity, however, Google has an ace under the sleeve, a project that has been working for a while, a technology that is gradually introduced into the market, and that the day of today it seems that will be the revolution of instant messaging.

Remember when we announced the arrival of the messaging RCS Google to Mexico and other parts of the world, as part of this technology is that it will include the new messaging service of Google, which has already been tried out in unique The Verge, making it clear that this evolution may be a revolution in the instant messaging.

This is Chat, which will not be a new app, but the Messages from Android, or the Google application for the SMS that comes installed by default on millions of Android devices are now renamed and released new features, that in conclusion we can say that it will be an app for receiving SMS, messaging, RCS, and also will act as an instant messaging app in the style of WhatsApp or Telegram.

Come to Mexico messages RCS of Google which could be an alternative to WhatsApp

In theory we are talking about the most comprehensive app on the market, since it would be the only one in the world to include also the technology RCS of Google, which is used to send multimedia messages such as images, videos, text, location and other elements without the need of being connected to the Internet, you just need to have cellular signal to use the service, that is to say, combines the best of SMS and instant messaging into a single technology.

All of these companies support the messaging RCS Google

On the other hand, the Chat will also serve as WhatsApp or Telegram, that is to say, if you have Internet connection you can send messages and multimedia items listed above. On the other hand, if you need to send a SMS, you can also do it from Chat, the only thing that is left out are the VoIP calls and video calls, which we can find in Google Duo.

Currently the Messaging application of Android already has the ability to withstand technology RCS in some countries, but it is not possible to use it as an app of instant messaging, so we’ll have to wait for that change of name so that all the functions mentioned above we can find them in a single application.

This is how Google plans to finish with the popularity of WhatsApp

If this is not enough, Chat can also be used on multiple devices, including the web version, so that we will be able to use this app virtually wherever and whenever.

Google has not given details of when will this change, that is to say, when will be the premiere Chat, and the devices that will be compatible, but because it seems that its development is almost completed, this could be very soon.

Since the app Messages from Android is installed on millions of Android devices, the Chat will have such a wide penetration, so that with a good marketing campaign, Google can finally have the expected success in the market of instant messaging, marking a before and an after revolutionizing this type of applications.

Do you think that Chat will have the success you search for Google?

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