Czech for the first time how it looks like the new cedula professional digital

One of the great successes of recent of the SEP was to digitize the process to obtain the professional certificate, a process once-cumbersome and time consuming. Here in unocero, we’ve given you all the details on how to work this new format and how to obtain it, but now the agency responsible for the education in the country by the end showed how will look the brand new virtual paper.

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Since the release of the processed digitized the SEP has issued more than 276 thousand of these documents and 170 thousand professional titles in this format. If you want to be part of the list, and save a good hour of your life, the Secretariat of Public Education, to extend until 30 September, when it will seek to incorporate gradually all public and private universities of the country in this process.


So is the new card provisional digital

The new professional certificate in digital has various data and features that you need to know, that’s why we turn to our partners Chilango that explain it in a timely manner.

The data that has the professional certificate of digital is divided into four blocks: the first relates to administrative data in the record, as the number of professional certificate, CURP, and the Registration authority.

In the second section, the data of the professional, such as full name, program name and key of the race.

The third block displays the data of the educational institution of origin, as the key and name of institution, date and hour of issuing of the document, the electronic signature of the server public authority, among others.

In the last section, are all the elements of safety, verification and authenticity of the identification cards of professional electronics, such as a QR code with the you’ll be able to check the content of the document. You will also find a bar code verification and the chain of the digital certificate.

For more information on this new procedure and to document visit this site, and stay tuned.

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