Chrome will mark as insecure all web pages HTTP from July

The Google Chrome browser will identify as unsafe all the web sites that use the transfer protocol HTTP from July of this year to 2018, and will admit only those pages that use the system encrypted HTTPS.

The marking of HTTP pages shall enter into force with the publication of the new version of the Google browser, Chrome 68, whose launch is planned for the month of July, as had been explained by the company in Mountain View via a post published on his web development Chromium.


This decision of Chrome is designed to make its users aware of the potential dangers of the web pages, and that “not all the HTTP sites are safe”, as has been assured by the Product Manager of Security Chrome, Emily Schechter, on the note of the company.

Last year, the Google browser already began to make gradually as unsafe a percentage of web sites with HTTP. With the arrival of Chrome 68, all of the HTTP pages will be marked as non-secure.

As to the encrypted protocol HTTPS, its implementation has exceeded the 68% of the traffic on the application of Chrome both on Android as on Windows, while that in operating systems, Chrome OS and the Mac exceeds the 78% of the traffic. In addition, 81 of the 100 most popular websites use HTTPS, according to data supplied by Chrome.

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