Chrome occurs at sites with shady ads

With the advent of Chrome-version 71 next month occurs Google harder against websites that are guilty of misleading ads. All online advertising on such sites blocked, causing their income to dry up.

This concerns, for example, sites with pop-ups that a cross show the ad to click away, but just make sure that you go to the advertised site link. Or advertising that is transparent so you accidentally click on it, something Google “unexpected klikgebieden’ calls. Also, don’t forget the playback and downloadknoppen where the main goal is to take you to rogue sites to lure.

Cooling-off period

Google keeps a database of sites that are guilty of this kind of practices. Administrators have 30 days time to the shadowy ads to remove before they are actually on the black list, and the measures also apply to them.

Chrome blocks all longer advertising as annoying, such as ads that play sound. Now starts the company are arrows also on the ads of a higher order, because with any regularity, you come through this way, go to phishing sites or websites with malware offering.

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