Japanese scientists develop a pill that cures the flu in a day

A drug that eliminates the effects of the flu in 24 hours and a single dose has been tested with success in Japan. Shionogi, a pharmaceutical giant from japan who has created drugs to alleviate HIV takes ten years to develop this pill, in comparison with another drug of the style, Tamiflu, reduces the intake of medicines to fight the virus.

The executive chairman of the company Isao Teshirogi said in a statement picked up by the newspaper The Wall Street Journal that the drug “blocks the flu virus and prevents seizes the machinery of the human cell”. So in a single dose is just with the virus, the days bedridden by the disease, and preventing the contagion effect.

Since the company expect that the drug is approved by the entity that regulates the use of drugs of Japan for the next month of march. The swiss pharmaceutical Roche has acquired the medicine that ends up with the flu for international distribution although it depends on the agencies of each country to be approved for sale.

This decision could delay for a year the arrival of the drug to pharmacies Spanish though, as you recall from the article in the WSJ, the first effective measure against the flu is vaccination.

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