Codes on your smart phone that will be of great help

Our phones include a number of interesting features that you surely don’t know. With them you’ll have access to hidden menus on your phone, check settings of your mobile phone, see the IMEI code, which uniquely identifies your terminal, among other options.

In , we have gathered for you a few codes that are extremely interesting that can be very useful for any telephone user. Test these combinations in your smart phone: our recommendations are based on the iPhone, but some of them also work on Android.

1. To know the IMEI number


The IMEI is the unique number of your device. The IMEI number similarly is recognized in Android, Windows Phone, and it is said that even in the old “Nokia with flashlight”.

Thanks to him you can know all the phone records: date of manufacture and purchase, warranty information, if it was stolen, where it is located, if it has been repaired. This service and external services like this and this just to help you know all of this information.

P.S. If you have stolen your phone, when you request the intervention of law enforcement authorities is important to show your IMEI number, so the police can track its location.

2. To obtain information on the diversion of calls, messages, and other data


This combination will allow you to receive information about the deviation is active. This will tell you if someone receives your calls, messages, or other data.

3. Information on the number to where it’s headed, the deviation

If the diversion is active, then the combination *#62# will show the number to which you divert information as: calls, SMS, fax, among others.

4. Clear the deviation

The combination ##002# disables all call forwarding active.

5. Hide your phone number

#31# phone number (with your country code) will make a call hiding your number to the person that flames. In some occasions, the operators cancel this service on the grounds of safety.

6. To know information about the call waiting function


When you’re talking on the phone and at the same time they call you from another number, the call waiting service is responsible for the future events. If this is turned off the person who calls you will hear “Busy” and the call will automatically end.

7. To activate the call waiting

*43# to activate the mode of call waiting.

8. To disable call waiting

#43#, it will let you disable call waiting if necessary.

9. To know complete information about the network


This combination shows you comprehensive information about your SIM card in the pop-up menu. Here you can find the performance of the network and the intensity of the signal in figures. It is very useful, for example, to find in what place of the office there is a better signal.

10. To know the phone number of the Central Short Message Service


This command will allow you to quickly find the number of the Central Short Message Service from your telephone operator.

How ran these codes on your cell phone? Share your answer in the comments.

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