How to turn on notifications Google Chrome with Windows 10

Despite the fact that Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers on Windows, Google didn’t use the notifications of the operating system of Microsoft in their browser, something that many users didn’t please them, because something in what the Redmond company has improved a lot in the versions of Windows 10 were precisely the notifications.

However this has changed today, as Google has made compatible the notifications of WIndows 10 with Google Chrome, and fortunately for all the users who asked to screams, this function is not exclusive to Chrome Canary, the test version of Chrome, but that is already available in the version 68 of the browser.

To activate the notifications of Google Chrome with Windows 10 first, we have to update our browser to the latest version from the following link chrome://settings/help, there will tell us if we have installed the version 68, or, if we have an update.

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Once you have installed the last version we should do the following:

  • Access the following link from the search bar from Chrome chrome://flags/#enable-native-notifications
  • Verify that the option named “Enable native notifications” have the option “Enabled”, otherwise change it to the option referred to.

  • We need to restart the browser, to view applied changes, and after that all of the notifications in Chrome will be in the format of the notifications of Windows.

We can undo the changes when we want to return to the notifications always, even though the reality is that to my way of looking at this is a great added Google Chrome for all Windows users, which you can see the notifications from the notifications panel from Windows 10.

Let us also not forget that Windows allows you to set rules to hide the notifications at times or depending on certain variables, so that is an interesting addition for better control of the notifications Chrome. and Partners.

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