How to learn to program in full 2018?

There is No doubt that day to day we face the world of computing through different devices that we have on hand. From the cell phone to the desktop computer, going through tablets and other electronic devices, such as readers of “e-books”, our life is influenced by modern electronics, many of which are programmable. Therefore perhaps we should not rule out the possibility of finally learning how to program in any modern language.

What is actually changed in the jump from a mid-range phone one high end?

It is true that learning to program is relatively intimidating to the learner. For example, we wrote the example code of some program on your machine and does not run, and give us a host of errors that eventually we will recognize as gross, but which prevent the execution of the programs. Learn how to schedule seems in many ways to learn to speak a foreign language. But if you have the courage and access to resources, then life becomes less difficult.

A fundamental idea is that if you want to learn to program it is important to consider a challenge. it is as when a or you want to go on vacation. It is basic to know where we want to go. Therefore, consider the challenge of programming which may not necessarily be too complex. Let’s not even think about making the new “Waze”, for example. Think of something more down to earth and try to create your own version. Sure you will learn a lot along the way and will start to become a real programmer.

See the different programming languages and from there choose the one that will convince you more. Ask advice from other programmers, though these will give you their respective opinions on the languages to use, which are used by the aconsejante. See programs examples and, in addition, observe whether they are open source or if they have free tools to get you started. It makes No sense to invest in compilers or commercial programming environments highly sophisticated when it is learning, and where in addition, there is a lot of free and accessible on the network.

With regard to the information to schedule, you can find many free e-books that are great to teach how to program in the language that I wanted to. The Internet is full of all kind of documents in this regard and making some books you can start programming, confident that there will be good guides about it, and all without spending a penny. It is however to say that it is not a good idea to buy any book until you really feel you need it. You can get dozens of complete books for free on the most popular languages, tutorials all platforms and even source code in open source platforms like GitHub or examples in almost all programming languages in Rosetta Code.

Let’s talk about what the programmers are able to create

You can also enter to programming contests. facebook, Google, and Microsoft, among other companies, opened occasionally contests to find bugs (problems) in their systems and offer rewards in cash. This is another way to go learning to program.

But no matter what approach you take, consider that the schedule, beyond being an academic activity, should be seen as a craft, that is to say, there are that practice it. There are No carpenters without machucones in the fingers or swimmers not to get wet to practice this sport. Practice is necessary, and not sufficient to read the corresponding book. Sit in front of the machine. Work on the code, learn the ideas involved, and will gradually be on the right path of programming, which may well be even a modus vivendi in some cases.

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