How to make your makeup last all day

Are you one of those that always goes with your makeup bag to all sides? Do you have that retocarte every few hours because your make-up is disappearing? This problem is so typical, it happens to many women. At present, there are many products that promise a duration of 24 hours, but, if you don’t want to spend money on new products, you can get your makeup to stay longer, do you want to know how? I read on!

In will give you some tricks to make your makeup remains intact throughout the day and follow just as perfect when you are away from home.

1. Cleaning of the skin

Cleaning your face before applying your makeup is a step that cannot be overlooked. Clean well your skin and apply a moisturizing cream (best in aqueous base), this will make a barrier so that makeup is not absorbed by the skin.

2. Use a primer

The primer is usually a product that is forgotten, but it is of vital importance, as it makes the makeup base is kept intact. Remember to use more amount of makeup on the nose and the chin, are the areas where it tends to disappear first.

3. Powder translucent

This product is the best ally for the duration of our makeup, as it removes the shine of the skin and helps to secure the product. If you want to apply a little color to your face, you change powder translucent for powder bronzers, have the same effect and will make your skin look more brown.

4. The trick of the ice cube

Wrap an ice cube in a tissue and pull it with light touches on your face after powder translucent, it will make your makeup is not quarter, and it lasts much longer. Remember not to do it by dragging, because you’ll eliminate part of the product that you have used.

5. Sprays water in your face

If rocías water on your face after you apply your makeup completely, you will help to your makeup last until the end of the day. Even though they sell a specific product (thermal water), cold water normal has the same effect. Keep in mind that you have to spray it from a certain distance from your face if you don’t want makeup to be ruined and have to start again.

6. Products waterproof

The liner and mascara is best that they are resistant to water, and that the eyes are an area of high humidity and are removing these products bit by bit.

7. Lip pencil

The lip pencil are much more durable than in the bar or in brightness. After paint the lips, you can add powders are translucent so that your lipstick remains intact for hours. If you prefer the bar, apply a makeup base on your lips before you paint them.

8. Eye pencil

After applying it, you can seal it with a little bit of eye shadow of the same shade, you’ll make it last longer. You can also apply a little vaseline above your eyeliner with a cotton swab to prolong the duration.

9. The blush

You have to take into account what is your skin type to choose the type of product which in your case is more durable. For skins normal, it is better to blush in cream, and for oily skin, it is advisable to use it on gel.

10. Eye shadows

Before you apply your shadow, the outline of the eyes should not have cream, and if it does, we should delete it so that the product set better in the skin of the eyelid. Always use a brush to aplicártela, because it introduces the shadow perfectly on all the pores.

As you can see, there are several tricks we can perform to get our makeup to stay perfect with the passing of the hours. Did you even know these tricks? Do you know of any other that is not on the list? It tell us!

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