How to create a group of ads in WhatsApp

Some days ago WhatsApp announced a new feature for iOS and Android which allowed users to make the classical groups, a kind of diffusion channels or groups of ads, where only the administrator can send messages to the group, and if you don’t know how to use this function, here will explain it.

The function with which we can convert a group into a group of ads is called “Send Messages”, and with it we will be able to switch between an ad group and “group normal”, it all depends on which is our interest.

To activate this function we need to perform the following steps:

  • We opened a group in the us to be the (or one of) administrator.
  • We move on to the option of “group Settings”
  • We have to select the option of “ Send messages”
  • We must allow only the (or the) administrator can send messages to.

In this way, the other participants only will be able to read the messages sent to the group, but not be able to interact or to send media files.

Finally! WhatsApp will allow you to block responses to the style Telegram

As mentioned, this option works if you want to create a distribution channel, or ad group, you can even work for “mute group”, that is to say, if you want during the night or at some time in specific where you can’t attend the group to which the other participants do not send messages.

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