How to create a secure password today

Advances in technology have made millions of people to take care of your accounts and devices, jealously, as they have the face unlock and fingerprint as security methods, but despite this, they still need the passwords.

The need for the continued existence of passwords with numbers and letters, different for anyone to guess, cause that one feels to think about what kind of combination you will use for that can’t be hacked.

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This fact can be complicated for most people, as they tend to use the names of objects or things that you always remember to never forget, which means that any person who knows a little, knows what your password is.

According to this, is that it arises the distressing question, how to make a secure password, easy to remember and hard to hack; don’t worry, we have an idea of to do it.

What do experts recommend?

According to the experts, such as Bruce Marshall, a security consultant and founder of, passwords, or password should be one sentence that contains words in uppercase and lowercase letters, interspersed with numbers and symbols.

It sounds easy, but it is not so because it must also contain 15 characters as a minimum and that all these do not form a real word, although this written backwards, because it will be easy to guess.

In the same way the passwords should not include personal data, such as age, name and place of birth, as well as words that are on the keyboard, i.e., qwerty or asdfg, which are the letters together.

Finally, that is not recycled or which is the same thing, that they are not in use on different platforms, because this way you would have access to all of it, absolutely all of the private information.

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Then, how do you create a secure password?

After all the advice, it is hard to think of something original that is not related to the tastes yourself, but not impossible, and for proof of this are the following aspects that can be taken into account each time you decide to open a new account.

Two-step authentication

One of the most useful tools that exist today, it is this, and although many believe that is not much, the reality proves otherwise.

This is commented out because it does not matter if it has the name and password of the user, as it will always be necessary to the code, which is typically sent to cell phones with a text message, to be able to access the account.

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Generator of passwords

Generators passwords are extremely useful in these cases, because they have as only function to give the people a password without any ties with him, as it will be constructed randomly according to the number of characters required.

The passwords that will be generated will be long and indecipherable, which means that you can create several, one for each site you need and there will be nothing to worry about, because they are unique in its kind.

Some of the generators of passwords most well known ones are 1Password , Dashlane, LatPass , and Keeper, which in addition to a password, they have other tools as file protection, and safe storage, so that users are really protected.

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Security key

If you actually want to keep the accounts safe, in addition to the above, you can purchase a security key, such as the recently launched Google and previously mentioned.

These keys function as the two-step authentication, but without a message, as it will be through the same key that can be entered to the accounts, because it has a Bluetooth button and a button that verifies the identity of the people.

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With these tools, individuals are able to have the certainty that no one will be admitted to their personal files or to your computer if they do not want it or allow it, so that it is only a matter of investing a couple of minutes to have a secure password now. and Partners.

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