How to turn off the offline option of the Gmail mail

The use and access to the account from Gmail without having an Internet connection, is part of the innovations that Google announced a couple of months, and currently it is working for thousands of users try it out.

Although this new feature this coming to the accounts so slow, its function is worth the waiting, as are millions of people in the world who use this email service and that does not always have a network that can access.

It should be noted that for the time being, the mode Offline, it only works in the web browser Chrome, although there are plans to expand to other browsers or applications on their mobile phones.

How to use Gmail without Internet connection

Even if you do not want to make use of the offline Gmail because it is not necessary, you can easily uninstall it with this simple procedure:

  • Open Google Chrome and in the top right corner will be three dots in a vertical way, there you must click to select the option of ‘Settings’.
  • Being in ‘Settings’ should go to ‘advanced Settings’, then to ‘Privacy & security’; at that point it must access the ‘content Settings’ and click on ‘Cookies’.
  • As it is there, it should go to ‘All cookies and all data from sites’ to click on the option ‘Remove all’, and then click the ‘Delete all’ to confirm the action that was just performed.
  • after this is done, going back to the e-mail account to go to the ‘Settings’ of Gmail and uncheck the option ‘Enable offline mail’.

There you have it, so if you’re in a plane or you’re in a place without Internet connection and you need to go to your mail, you can do this without having to search for a network.

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