How to find precious stones and valuable metals among the rocks of common stock and dust

They say that happy people looks at the sky and the people are sad, to the ground. But we dare to assure you that many people became more happy precisely because they looked carefully to their feet and did not contemplate the clouds. Not only does it encourage you to follow his example, also we will explain to you what exactly you should pay attention to and in what places. Walking between regular stones, you’ll be able to find a true treasure: diamonds, amber, gold and meteorites, for example. wants to put special emphasis on the fact that the legislation of each country restricts in various ways the activity of the seekers of minerals and precious metals. Therefore, before you go to a mission, find out if you catch what you’ve found can involve or not a violation of the regulations in force in your locality.


Where to find it: the most economical option is to go to the cord of the Vistula. The amber is mined along the baltic coast of Poland and the Kaliningrad region (Russia). There are deposits in other locations, for example, in the region of Ukraine (Rivne), the Dominican Republic and Burma, but only in the Baltic Sea will offer an excursion that includes the collection of amber along the coast and in the desert of the quarry.

It is better to go to the end of autumn, in winter or early spring. After the storms, begins the onset of amber. The strong waves erode the rock that contains amber and spew a lot of pieces of trees, and seaweed to the shore, where you’ll have to search to find the amber. The “hunters” experienced don’t wait until the deposit of the amber on the earth. Enter the icy water, collected with great cazamariposas accumulations of trees and algae, they drew to shore and sorted carefully in search of pieces of amber. It is believed that the storm the more productive of short duration, since prolonged simply take all the amber wash of the sea and will only be possible to get it if it has a diving suit and a good tolerance to the cold.

The types of amber that are more expensive and are rare pieces with insects, small animals, fingerlings, herbs and the like that fell into the trap of the resin millions of years ago; these are called inclusions. And the value of such findings often exceeds that of diamonds.


Where to find them: the people who have made the search for meteorites their main hobby, advise to the newcomers, who have not yet purchased a metal detector, they begin to search for flat roofs.

Yes, may sound strange. But the reality is that in the ceiling they are not going to distract the objects of terrestrial origin, and it is there where you can find many meteorites. Don’t ignore the wells below the gutters, where they could enter the meteorite during heavy rains along the currents of water. Review your findings. All the meteors have a “crust” fusion, a thin layer of fused substances that made up this “visitor from outer space”, as well as regmagliptos, small holes located across the surface of the body of the meteorite. These are the main but not the only signs. To definitively determine the source of your findings, go to real specialists of the laboratories who work with meteorites.


If you think that you’re lucky, try to find the hardest mineral on our planet: a diamond. Although it is not just a matter of chance, of course. Wash the rock and a carrier of diamonds in a sieve special is not an easy task and may not give a result. So, get ready, not for the discovery of the century, but to live an unusual quest, which you’ll have to your friends for a long time.

Where to find them: The only quarry of diamonds opened the world to the visitors is the “Crater of diamonds”, which is located in the US, in Arkansas. Any stone that you find will be yours. So open your eyes and don’t waste your precious stone: you can be easily mislead by its modest appearance. The diamonds in the rough does not look anything like the diamond shining, which tend to flood the jewelry stores.


Now that you have learned to manipulate the tray scraped off during the washing of diamonds, it’s time to go search for gold.

Where to find it: In the beginning, to find a nugget of gold is possible in any country, but you should know that in Australia the laws are more condescending to the miners free.

The license of a seeker of gold you can buy in the web site of the Department of Economic Development of the State of Victoria. Permission is granted for 10 years and only costs 24 dollars and 20 cents. Require not destroy nature, not to violate local laws, as well as the use of explosives. What you find will be all yours. You can use the services of guides who will take you through the places where before you found gold, or you can search for your account, counting only with your luck and intuition. Don’t forget to bring a metal detector, because, with it, the search will be much more successful.

If you are too far away from Australia, you can also go to Lapland. There not only you can enjoy the view of the harsh nature of the north, but also to participate in the extraction of gold. And if you are lucky enough to not only wash enough gold, but also to find a beautiful stone, and local artisans will create for you a jewel exclusive.


Australia attracts not only by its gold. It is also famous for its opals: most of these gorgeous stones are mined in this area. As in the case of gold, any person can carry out his search, though with the opals will be more difficult, because if you don’t have a special team, you’ll have to wander the tunnels abandoned, looking at the loose stone with the hope that those who came before have overlooked some of its valuable stones. To serve you hope, this happens quite frequently. The opals glow with ultraviolet light, so that if you take a flashlight LED uv, definitely won’t be left without a finding.

Where to find it: to maximize your chances of success, he comes to the world capital of opals, the town of Coober Pedy.


If you can not go out in search of gold and precious stones, don’t despair, because even a stone, ordinary to the naked eye can enclose a beauty unimaginable.

The geodes are cavities in rocks within which “grow” crystals of minerals such as emerald, amethyst, agate, chalcedony, crystal, topaz or opal. This is not a complete list, but the geodes most attractive in the world contain precisely these minerals. To find a geode, you’ll need to pay attention to the edges, with small lumps and outgrowths that remind us, by their form, to a cauliflower. Can be of any size, from small pebbles to huge boulders. The stones more “promising”, when struck, emit a low sound. It is necessary to break or cut this type of stones with a saw and then Polish one side to emphasize more the inner beauty of the finding.

Where to find them: everywhere.

Bonus 1: sometimes, the gems fall from the sky

Sometimes, however, it is not necessary to seek for treasures. You will find them to you, literally falling on your head from the sky, as happened in Hawaii in early June of 2018, during the eruption of the volcano kīlauea’s. A strong and powerful output of lava caused the neighborhood, literally, is inundated with small crystals of green olivine. In general, the olivinos are found within the lava flows, but during a release rough this, you can observe this interesting anomaly.

Bonus 2: or perhaps you have the luck that you greet the Jurassic period

Have you decided what treasures you will look first?

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