How to find a POS system right for your restaurant

Lead a restaurant is an arduous task. You must have a considerable amount of staff to provide a quality service in a local medium-sized, but today is not only labor is required, but due to the advancement of technology have created useful tools and essential to managing your business that you can’t lose.

Today there are softwares for integrated management of a restaurant. For example, thanks to the tpv hosteleria we can take the control of the service commands, as well as the analysis of stock and sales. One of the softwares of this type that you can serve for your business is the HIPPOS.

The system is easy to use

In the case of HIPPOS, with a system or software of management of business, especially for restaurants. It is very simple to use, since that register on their platform you’ll be sent the access data to download the installation files from this system to POS. Your app can be downloaded on a smartphone for greater convenience, and rates are offered at economical prices after a first month of free trial.

Major advantages

With this software you can manage all the activities of your restaurant to optimize the service provided. When you download the application on a mobile terminal, which saves time to take the commands and process them. In addition, it facilitates the work of the staff as it allows them to have control of the assigned duties.

You can manage your restaurant from any place where you are located due to the access web that includes. It is not necessary to be within the local verification of global pos everything is in order, since the orders of customers up to the amount of any raw material is stored, thus eliminating the loss of time and investment that you can suffer your business.

Among the strengths of this application is the fact that despite the fact that the Internet connection fails or is unstable it will continue to operate perfectly, so that the management of the business will not be affected. On the other hand, this type of softwares are usually a good support to your business, so that you can contact the company when you encounter a drawback.

Aimed at the staff

To be apps or software , simple to use, the dvt for hospitality are aimed at all staff working in the restaurant, especially the manager, who will be able to obtain a global vision of the business and to keep track of the flows of daily sales at any time. The manager and the manager of the store helps them notifying them about all the reports of sales and preveniéndoles of a low in the inventory. The manager of the room also allows you to perform your work in the box with comfort. The cook and the waiter serves them to improve customer service.

Therefore, a tpv such as HIPPOS you will enjoy the benefits of having a website to manage your business without worrying about trivial matters of day-to-day. So you get a simplification of the processes, better customer service and increased revenue in a short time.