How to write a good bio for your dating apps

Some believed that dating apps were the days; that his wrath had been extinguished. But how wrong they were, because the digital platforms for affairs are more alive than ever, especially with the arrival of Facebook to the sand.

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Of course, good management of your accounts on the dating apps can increase your chances to meet interesting people and increase the success of your romantic life. Most experts agree that a good “Bio”, your description within the platforms, can be key to generate interest in potential candidates.

In fact there are studies that show that the bio is the most effective way to interest a person to start a contact with a potential candidate.

Fortunately, several of these experts also share their recommendations and will compile the best ones for the “love” is never lacking in your life and you take advantage of these miracles of the digital age that is called dating apps.

What the bio is perfect for the dating apps?

Tayi Sanusi of Elite Daily is risk to say that he wrote the “bio perfect” and then share all this wisdom. These are their recommendations, take paper and pen.

  • Short and sweet: Bios are very brief, 40 words or less to intrigue to someone.
  • A little bit of detail (but not too much): Add some details of your personality and your style of life, such as:
  • “Worker, but he appreciated a good Netflix And Chill”. Add any favorite song to give some depth to it.
  • If you’re going to extend, you WRITE WELL!: If you can not contain the desire to show off your literary skills, then don’t put yourself to ridicule with a poor writing, spelling mistakes, incomplete ideas.

The efficient

Here we find a common denominator: Brief and full. Natalia Lusinski of Bustle also believes that a bio should not show as a “burden” to motivate more reading. These are their recommendations.

  • Reveals the reason why you are looking for dating. A bit of honesty does not harm anyone, is frank, but not brutally. It is preferable that the one who has an interest to know “what goes”.
  • Includes information that start conversations: Reveals data form, that can develop in a conversation. Information is not very important, casual, and standing to have good talks once they are found.
  • Don’t show any more: A good photo always helps, but keep it interesting. Your image shows more of who you are and not what you “have”. Causes interest, not teach.
  • Be honest: Be clear about what time you live in your life, just don’t key.
  • Be positive: we all love a person cool, show it.
  • Demonstrates a sense of humor: This is already mentioned, the truth that is key.
  • Avoiding clichés: Not phrases, prefabricated, motivational, or “author”. Be original.

A list spot

Chloe Bryan of Mashable did a list very timely with their advice. In general recommends to not use words bombastic or pretentious “look” more interesting. Do not include personal information, do not look pedantic (work, cities where have you been, celebrities, you know), so leave it for the conversation.

  • Do not use phrases prefabricated.
  • Do it timely, as when you order a dish.
  • Includes your age.
  • Asks for advice.
  • Please humor and provides examples.
  • Ask for recommendations of music.
  • Uses a sequence unexpected Emojis for intrigue.
  • Without filters, Snapchat, Instagram or any kind please. and Partners.

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