How to set your office hours and days of holidays in Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one of the most used tools of Google, especially in the offices where they are used the products of the company such as Gmail, then Google Calendar makes for an excellent option to organize meetings, set up events and schedule are pending.

Well, some days ago we mentioned that Google was launching a new feature in the united States to be able to mark on the calendar the days that you were not in the office for a vacation or a specific event, and the day of today, this new function has arrived in Mexico and other Latin american countries, so we teach you step-by-step how to set your office hours and mark the vacation days or moments in which you’re not going to be available.

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What is this option?

Before continuing it is important to clarify what will this new option. Well, the fact of able to establish our office hours, the times that we will not be at work, and our vacation days will not be invited to meetings and other events of the job automatically.

That is to say, if someone sends us an invitation for an event when we are not available in the office, Google Calendar will reject automatically your invitation, and notify the organizer that you cannot attend because you’re not in the office, so you don’t have to notify all involved through messages or emails that you will be absent for a time.

For the moment this option does not synchronize with the email, since Gmail has its own option to announce that you are not available, although it is likely that later on, both tools are synchronized to improve this feature.

How to mark your office hours and holidays?

The first thing that we must mention is that this tool is only available to accounts G Suite, that is to say, the accounts of companies that use the services of Google.

  • Go to Google Calendar in your web version.
  • Subsequently, we selected the calendar day on which we will not be available and push the option that says “Out of office”.

  • Now we have to define the or the days that we’re not going to be available, and we can also put the message of rejection to the events, for example, “I went on vacation”.
  • All events scheduled on that date, and those of you who are booking will be rejected and notified to the organizer of the event why you cannot attend.

If some day you’ll be less time than usual in the office, you can also set the hours in which you can attend an event, to do this follow the following steps:

  • Tap the day in which you will not be your full-time in the office.
  • Select the option of “Hours available”
  • Now choose the time interval in which if you are available, you can also set intervals so that others can see the times that may invite you to an event.

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Last, but not least important, set your office hours, this will have to do the following:

  • Go to the Google Calendar settings.
  • Scroll down to the option of “working Hours”.
  • There you can set your office hours a week.

With these options you can have a better organization in your work with the events lined up for you don’t have to notify you by e-mail, or person by person in what moments will not be available to you in your work.

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