How to tag your video on Youtube to have a greater scope

The success of the videos on Youtube is due in most part to the production of each of them, but it is also thanks to the tags and keywords used in the box of description, because it depends on the people interested in it.

In that box should explain briefly and concisely the issue or issues that will be addressed in the video, this should be with just a few lines and a maximum of five key words, as if they be more, it’s possible that Google penalize the channel.

Subsequent to this, it is recommended that there be stirred up to the public to subscribe and watch other videos that are within the channel, in addition to invite them to follow you on all your social networks.

Once this is done, it will be that your name appears in searches for people to see it, to achieve this you must use the correct labels, the maximum that allows the platform are 12 but the fewer they are, the better; within two indispensable that should appear is the channel name and the nickname or alias that you find yourself in the social networks, this is how you increase your chances of appearing in the search engine.

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The tags that are used to excel in the results, can be found in the extensions of Tags For Youtube or TubBuddy, which help to know which ones are used by other creators to be able to be found more easily; so if your video has a similar theme, you can add some of the that they use.

The above will help you to appear in the list of videos related to the channel that you extracted, giving you a good position in the huge platform which promises a great amount of views and visits.

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