How to avoid problems with skin by just changing your eating habits

Being the largest organ of our body, the skin can reveal many things about the life style and the state of the body in general. The skin is the first to indicate a malfunction of our body and show how well everything is going. On the whole, the condition of the skin always has a direct relationship with the feeding, since this is the first of what depends on the appearance and health of a person.

In we collect information about 7 skin problems that are related to specific foods. In this article, we will tell you what products affect negatively the skin, why it happens and how to help the body if you perceive in yourself any of these symptoms.

1. Premature aging of the skin

Products: Bread and crackers that are low in calories

Why: the food is “fast” low in calories will cause the level of blood sugar to jump up in the air. It is very comfortable to take them at the right time, but, in the long term, those ups and downs contribute to premature aging of the skin, making it dull and dry. This happens because, in those moments, the body loses its own settings, letting you understand what type of food has digested, why and what to do with it.

What to do: it is better to replace completely the “imitation food” for a “truth”. Almost all of the diet products do not benefit our body, just trick the brain (and not necessarily with great success).

2. Wrinkles on the forehead and dry skin

Products: sugar and sweeteners

Why: the sugar helps to destroy the collagen and elastin of the skin. These elements are more active in the area of the forehead, since there exists a lesser amount of subcutaneous fat. As well, the front with deep wrinkles even receives the name of “face of sugar”. Based sweeteners fructose cause the same harmful effects. Fructose destroys the collagen, even more so than normal sugar, and power.

What to do: fish red oily (salmon and trout), seaweed, turkey meat and vegetables are the best natural sources of collagen for our body.

3. Acne and redness

Product: cow milk and dairy products

Why: cow’s milk contains hormones that help the calves grow, while these in human cause a microinflamación of the skin. This applies not only to people with lactose intolerance: these hormones can negatively affect absolutely any human body. The researchers have addressed this issue from a long time ago, and is increasingly reinforced in their opinion: the hormones of the cow’s milk come in conflict with those of the human body.

What to do: if you have faced for the first time to problems of acne or inflammatory processes similar to the skin, first you should check if you suffer any type of allergy. If you are convinced that you are not allergic reactions, try to reduce the amount of milk in your diet to include more foods that contain iodine, for example, seafood or fish oil. They, on the contrary, heal the skin and counteract the inflammatory processes.

4. Visible capillaries on the sides of the nose and the eyelids

Product: spicy food

Why: spicy food speeds up all processes in our body: it improves metabolism, heats up and increases the speed of blood circulation. The blood in the capillaries begins to flow more intensely and thus appear with more force through the skin.

What to do: if you observe the appearance of visible capillaries permanently, you must improve your whole style your life: this is a signal that something is not going well with the blood vessels. It is necessary to align the routine of sleep, reduce your stress level, normalize your diet and exercises.

5. The feeling of the skin is not entirely clean

Products: juices and smoothies

Why: the cellulose is in charge of the cleaning processes in the body. The cellulose fibers in the composition of fruits, vegetables, and berries. These fibers are ground (and hence disappear) in the process of preparing a juice or a smoothie. Thus, if there are other foods that are rich in fiber in your diet, the body’s ability to autolimpiarse is reduced.

What to do: legumes, cereals, and wheat bread whole grain, along with nuts, these are the foods most rich in fiber.

6. Edema, dull complexion, loss of elasticity

Product: a large amount of animal protein

Why: this is a change in the acid-alkaline balance (pH) in the blood. The detrimental changes begin to occur when the pH balance goes from neutral to acid. When protein is broken down to form amino acids, which also change the acidity. As a result, it slows down the metabolism, synthesis of enzymes and hormones. Because of this, the speed of regeneration of the skin decreases.

What to do: the soy bean, the cucumber, the avocado, the broccoli and chicory increase the level of alkali in the body. For the acid ceases to prevail, it is necessary to “alkalize” the blood to its normal state. For our convenience, there is even a special table of alkalinity of the various products.

7. Dehydration and dry skin

Product: coffee and tea

Why: when you drink tea and coffee, psychologically we perceive them as if consumiésemos fluid, so drink less pure water after. Tea and coffee are diuretics, but they are not products that fill the body with water. And it turns out that we create the illusion of a balance of water correct, but in reality we remove the necessary water from the body.

What to do: first, drink water. The rule is the following: for each cup of coffee you should drink two glasses of water, a tea, a glass of water. And to achieve a greater result, you can also include in your diet products with high water content: cucumbers, squash, lettuce, tomatoes, and grapefruit.

Bonus: symptoms of gluten intolerance

The keratosis pilaris is a state that is manifested by the appearance of bumps like goose bumps. In general, it is harmless, but it is not very aesthetic. In addition to having to resort to using various creams and lotions, it is best to take the test for whether there is intolerance to gluten, because this often causes this condition of the skin.

Have you ever noticed how food affects the state of your skin?

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